Summer officially arrived on the longest day of the year, June 20. Coincidentally there was also a full “strawberry” moon to enjoy.

Most schools are on vacation during the summer months, students and teachers now have a little time off to play, work summer jobs and enjoy family time. But… during this “vacation” time, maintenance crews are still working hard on campuses.

When school is in session the crews work daily to keep buildings and grounds in excellent working order. Over the summer months, when the campus is relatively quiet, crews can do the larger maintenance projects like refinishing floors, painting, athletic field work, and more. This is also a perfect time to install additional security devices.

Beside fire and disaster emergency drills schools now have lockdown procedures to follow. There are so many things that schools need that their budgets are often strained. Safety is extremely important and most schools don’t have the budget to include expensive technology and hardware.

With student and teacher safety in mind we have invented a lockdown device, School Safe, that won’t break a schools budget. School Safe is a very simple device that, once installed on a classroom door, allows the teacher to secure their classroom in one simple move.

School Safe is a simple to use, simple to install, simple to order and is simply affordable.

Thank you to all the hard working maintenance and operations personnel. Have a great summer.

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