School Safe Digital ALERT


Product Description

The School Safe Digital ALERT mobile app is an extensible and affordable security platform that lets administrators, send emergency text notifications, take control of their existing electronic door control mechanisms, PA systems, and other devices with the push of a button. For less than the cost of a cell phone plan you can empower school staff by allowing them to initiate a school lock-down from any authorized and configured smart phone, tablet, or desktop PC. This significantly reduces the amount of time between the recognition of a threat and the initiation of a school lock-down or other lock-down event..

For the basic School Safe Digital ALERT system there is a one time modest installation fee based on the size of the school and/or the number of buildings. The monthly maintenance and monitoring charge is less than that of a typical cell phone plan.

The School Safe Digital mobile application provides an easy to use method of mass communication, easily integrates with existing electronic door locking systems, and other emergency systems. Additionally,  School Safe Digital ALERT can be used to make PA announcements unrelated to emergency events, or even be programed to call the custodian or nurse.

To purchase School Safe Digital ALERT, please contact us so we can create a customized package for your school or district. We also offer a 15% discount on regular School Safe purchases for school districts that use School Safe Digital ALERT.