Have a Safer College or University Campus

College and university campuses face the same challenges that K-12 schools face. How to have a safer campus and classrooms. New technologies are other tools increase their reach and improve campus safety. But do to budget constraints not all improvements to public safety can center on technology alone.

There are three focuses that need to be addressed:


Realizing there is a need for safety on campus and getting all the “people” aboard is a key element. The “people” meaning all staff, students and support teams. Together they need to realize the need for safety and decide on how they can best implement safety practices on their campus.

The “process” of deciding what safety measures to implement always gets down to budget. With increasing constraints on where to spend funds most times the most expensive options are not viable. There may be great sources and products that allow for instant messages, instant door lockdowns and instant alerts but there may be no funds in the budget to purchase them.

Today’s technology is amazing and wonderful, and usually expensive. When that technology is not affordable it doesn’t mean that campuses shouldn’t take safety measures. There are still affordable options that can be installed.

Schools should have clear emergency procedures to follow. Everyone on campus needs to know what to do in case of any emergency or lockdown. Local emergency services are a great source for help in planning emergency processes. This way everyone knows what to do, what each agency is responsible for and what everyone’s roll is in an emergency.

Keep instructions simple and clear. Under stress motor functions diminish and too many tasks lead to a step being overlooked. Most importantly be safe.