New Products from Global Innovations

NEW PRODUCTS  In our continuous quest to help with the safety of schools in lockdown situations, Global Innovations Coterie has added three new products to the School Safe family.  They are School Safe Double Door, School Safe Security Film and the School ALERT System.

School Safe Double Door (SSDD) is a new anti-latch device designed for double doors that open out and that do not have a center mullion.

School Safe Security Film (SSSF) is a reflective film that installs permanently on the classroom door window that allows the teacher to look out from inside but is reflective from the hallway when the lights are turned out in the classroom.

The School ALERT System (Active Lockdown and Emergency Response Technology) is a cloud based software solution that empowers school staff by allowing them to initiate a school lockdown from any authorized and configured smart phone, tablet, or desktop PC.