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“School Safe” The Simple School Lockdown Solution

Attaches to the door or jamb in minutes with no tools required.
Allows the door to be locked all day long and still be can used to enter and exit without a key.
Allows the door to be locked in seconds without leaving the classroom.
Is readily affordable for every classroom and school.

Our Products

School Safe


School Safe, the simple and affordable school lockdown device, is an ‘anti-latch’ device, not a lock. It operates in conjunction with the doors existing lock. School Safe prevents the door from latching by keeping it slightly ajar.  The School Safe lever extends about 3/8 of an inch out from the jamb or door, thereby preventing the strike from entering into the strike plate and latching. So the door, even though locked, will never latch until the School Safe lever is flipped thereby allowing the door to close all the way.  Since it was already locked, the classroom is immediately secured without having to use keys, open the door, or venture into the hallway. School Safe comes in four different configurations because a door can open four different ways. NOTE: Each School Safe lockdown device ordered comes with a protective pad, a lock down label, and an alcohol wipe.

School Safe Double Door


School Safe Double Doors (SSDD) is a new school lockdown anti-latch device designed specifically for double doors that open out and do not have a center mullion. Many double doors used in gyms, auditoriums or hallway exits do not have center jambs or mullions. SSDD attaches vertically on the inside of the door near the top with the ‘pin’ end up and the ‘pull tab’ end down. As with regular School Safe, SSDD extends about 3/8 of an inch out from the door, preventing the strike from entering into the strike plate and latching. So the door, even though locked, cannot latch until the SSDD lever is pulled down allowing the door to close all the way.  Since it was already locked, the door is immediately secured without having to use keys.



School Safe Security Film (SSSF) is one of our new school lockdown products that installs on the door glass and allows the room to be viewed from the hallway when the lights in the room are on, but becomes reflective, like a mirror, on the hallway side of the door when the lights in the room are turned off. This eliminates the need for the teacher to cover the door window.  School Safe Security Film comes pre-cut to fit many standard door window sizes, or can be custom cut to your specifications. It can easily be installed by your maintenance staff using our SSSF Installation Kit.


Alcohol Wipe


Door Label


Protective Pad


VHB Tape


LOCKDOWN AID – Designed for quick and efficient school lockdowns


The Lockdown Aid mobile app is an extensible and affordable security platform lets administrators take control of their existing electronic door control mechanism and pa systems with the push of a button. For less than the cost of a cell phone plan you can empower school staff by allowing them to initiate a school lock-down from any authorized and configured smart phone, tablet, or desktop PC. This significantly reduces the amount of time between the recognition of a threat and the initiation of a school lock-down or other lockdown event..

The Lockdown Aid system does not cost anything to install and the monthly charge is less than a typical cell phone plan at $80 per month.

The Lockdown Aid mobile application easily integrates with existing electronic door locking systems  and public announcement systems and provides an easy to use method of mass of mass communication. School alert can also be used to make PA announcements unrelated to emergency events.

For a purchase order,  please contact us so we can created a customized build package for your school district. We also provide a %15 discount on school safe purchases for school districts that use Lockdown Aid.

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